Make second glazing a forethought not a second thought

Unless the job is a new development and also secondary glazing is specified to assist attain acoustic needs, after that as a whole, existing structures have never ever been made with the foresight of their future state. This can occasionally cause difficulties when second polished units require to be mounted to update the performance of the initial home windows.

A Grade II * Listed luxury house in a highly in-demand location of London, just recently went through a major renovation and also extravagant make-over for its brand-new affluent proprietor. From the beginning, it had actually been discussed that the windows needed some upgrades to boost the thermal and also acoustic efficiency on the front frontage which is subjected as well as encountering an active thoroughfare. As a result of it being Grade II *The only alternative, subject to Noted Building Consent, would be to make use of second glazing to boost the internal environment for the new owners.

Regardless of having this understanding, the refurbishment proceeded, with a great deal of time, sources and funds invested to have cutting-edge furnishings fitted throughout the townhouse. Spaces were remodelled, glamorous as well as statement furniture strategically positioned, yet the major fixtures that have proven to make the second glazing installment a lot more challenging, are the positioning of blinds, abundant draping drapes and also shock-sensor alarm systems versus the main glazing The main issue positioned was the freshly wired electrics for the motorised blinds as well as alarms.

Primary windows with shock sensing unit alarm system as well as motorised blinds suited the reveal – how do you mount secondary glazing around these elements?

Second glazing is usually fitted within the exposure of a home window opening, so there was mosting likely to be an encounter with the elements that had actually been placed in during the refurbishment. Face repairing might have been an option, however the drapes have actually been hung near to the reveal, so once more, an additional clash would certainly follow. Additionally, several of the home windows have wood shutters, so siting the additional within the reveals would not be an option for these and also the only method to deal with it would certainly be to face fix, which can restrain the closing and drape of the curtains when drawn together.
Reconditioned wood shutters with box sash home windows which require secondary glazing

To add one more dilemma to the mix is a home window in the freshly renovated bathroom recognized as calling for secondary glazing, which has sumptuous marble tiled wall surfaces and also home window disclosure. A brand-new blind has actually also been sited straight above and flush with the side of the exposure leaving no area for the added window. Drilling with tiles is always uneasy, in case they break, and also a lot more so with ‘no expense saved’ for these.

Marble tiles shower room and also home window border which needs second glazing.
The timing of the method for the secondary glazing is regrettable. If we had actually been included from the start of the task as a forethought before the refurbishment beginning, suitable treatments as well as concessions can have been concurred such as:

A specialized taking care of placement for the second glazing, permitting room for all window treatments leading to a sleek as well as tidy coating
Detailing the tiling in the shower room such that, again, the second glazing had a committed repairing position which prevents the blinds and does not require taking care of with the marble reveals
Thinking about integrating the personal privacy for the washroom in the second glazing by using switchable glass or interstitial blinds
Collaborating the works for the window alarms with the help the secondary glazing, to make certain there are no clashes at the installment stage and also there is access for upkeep at later days

Making additional glazing a planning allows work to be sequenced effectively, prevents damage to complete items, decreases the need to briefly remove finishing to allow its instalment.

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