How to Whiten Yellowed uPVC Windows

With time, nevertheless, certain sorts of uPVC are prone to discolouration. Those brilliant white frames, if exposed to the elements for long enough, will turn an unattractive shade of yellow. In this short article, we’ll have a look at the problem, why it happens, and see whether there’s anything to be done once your uPVC has actually gone yellow.

What Causes uPVC to Turn Yellow?
There are a number of things which can cause uPVC to turn yellow, however the likeliest perpetrator is direct exposure to UV light. You might notice that your windows aren’t so yellow in places where the sunlight is restricted (your south-facing windows, for instance, might be most affected).

Among the significant advantages of uPVC is that it’s recyclable, and for that reason environmentally friendly. It’s for this reason that not all uPVC windows are developed similarly. If your window has actually been used additional plasticising agents and pigments, then it might be more vulnerable to discolouration.

How Not to Whiten Yellowed uPVC Windows
Having actually identified the problem, we’re left with the question of how to make yellow uPVC white once again. You might be tempted by several typical cleaners, some of which are to be prevented at all costs. Two wrongdoers in particular stand apart:

Bleach might appear a sensible option for cleaning yellowed uPVC. It turns things white, does not it? Why shouldn’t it do the same to your window frames?

It’s not that simple; bleach will react with the PVC and turn it a disastrous shade of brown. If you use it, even in diluted form, you can expect a total catastrophe that can only be fixed by changing the entire window.

Sandpaper may likewise seem a sensible option. If the leading layer is discoloured, then definitely all we require to do is scrape it away to reveal the brightness beneath. Again, this is a misunderstanding of how uPVC works– the topmost, shiny surface area is created as the plastic is made– the interior of the product is rather different. It’s dull, and won’t push back water or stains in the same way. If you sand your uPVC window, you will destroy it.

How Do You Clean Yellow uPVC Windows?

Depending on the nature of the staining, you might have some luck with more gentle cleansing solutions. Child wipes have actually been known to raise away some discolorations, and make a good very first point of call if you have access to them. Household cleaners like CiF should be related to with some caution; be sure to inspect the bottle does not include any bleach.

You can likewise find some specially-formulated uPVC window cleaner on the market, which may bring back brand-new life to ailing windows. Even if you do not experience stellar results, you can at least make certain that you aren’t going to do any damage!

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